Trevor Noah Share His River Rafting Experience With Close Friends

Trevor Noah was recently interviewed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Trevor where he shared his experience

Trevor Noah, the host of the 2023 Grammys, recently went on an adventure trip to Costa Rica with a group of friends over the December holidays. This trip has been an annual tradition for the group, who have been friends for over 15 years and always make sure to do something they don’t normally want to do. This year, Trevor picked white water river rafting, which was an intense experience. The group followed the instructions of their guide, Chico, who told them when to paddle and when to stop. At first, the rapids were fun and easy but as they continued, the river became more and more challenging. One of Trevor’s friends, Anele, flipped upside down in the boat, and another fell out of the boat.

The group of friends is made up of some of South Africa’s biggest names in media, business, and entertainment. Sizwe Dhlomo is a popular radio star on Kaya FM, Anele Mdoda is a well-known radio and TV presenter, and Khaya Dlanga is a respected author. The group is rounded out by Xolisa Dyeshana, a successful businessman.

Trevor believes that the experience of river rafting is a metaphor for life. Just like in life, you can’t control what the river will be like, there will be moments that are beautiful and calm and others that are intense and shake you up. The key is to be ready for anything and to listen to your guide, which in this case is your intuition. When things get tough, it’s important to stay calm, paddle when you’re told to, and trust the process.

The friendcation is a chance for them to bond, catch up on each other’s lives and make new memories. Trevor Noah values his close relationships and sees this trip as an opportunity to strengthen those bonds. He has said that his friends are like family, and he is grateful for their presence in his life. The friendcation is a testament to the power of friendship and the importance of making time for the people who matter most.

Despite the challenges, Trevor was grateful for the experience because he learned a lot about himself and his friends. He realized that even though things can get rough, it’s important to have a positive attitude and to always look for the silver lining. He also learned that he can rely on his friends in tough times, and that together, they can overcome anything. Overall, the experience of river rafting was a beautiful metaphor for life and taught Trevor valuable lessons that he will never forget.  Watch the full interview below:

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