Trevor Noah Snags First Golden Globe Nomination

The wins continue for South African comedian Trevor Noah as he snags his first-ever Golden Globe nomination. This win is significant because it comes amid other equally significant nominations, including a Grammy.

Trevor Noah was nominated for his “Where Was I,” an intriguing take on his experiences from his world tour. Whether he would eventually win is not of particular interest right now, especially to some of his fans.

To some of them, the nomination is potent enough and shows that the South African has been pretty good in his craft and has the world watches what he does. Trevor himself is excited about his nomination and looks forward to a win at the end of the day.

Noah was born in South Africa but moved to the United States along the line. he made a name for himself there as the host of The Daily Show. He left the show recently to pursue personal ventures. But then, he already made a name for himself there.

The result? Today, many people often identify him as the former host of the show he’d left. Well, it remains to be seen if he would return home with the Golden Globe at the end of the day.

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