Trevor Noah Trends After Sharing His View On Dave Chappelle’s Controversial Netflix Comedy Special

Trevor Noah popping in the trends is nothing new. The South African funnyman trends now and then. But his comment on Dave Chappelle’s recent comedy special has got many wondering.

Dave Chappelle is known for his mordant jokes about trans and queer people, a reality that has led to calls to cancel him. In fact, to some of his fans, he’s been so canceled but he remains a force.

In his recent comedy special on Netflix dubbed “The Closer,” Dave Chappelle had spoken about the gay community in words that were later denounced as transphobic and homophobic.

Reacting to Dave Chappelle’s recent comedy show which provoked outrage online, Trevor Noah noted that the matter was much more complex, and people are defining things the way they see fit. While some people might think that Dave was out of line, others assume he isn’t exactly out of place.

This decision not to condemn Dave Chappelle did not impress many tweeters, and they dragged Trevor Noah through the mud of Twitter streets, with some people saying he’s not funny at all.

Or course, some social media peeps defended Trevor Noah, stating that to really understand his jokes people have to be current.

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