Trevor Noah Turns Heads At Met Gala 2023 – Check Him Out

The Met Gala 2023 has come and gone but the memories created by the celebs who turned up for the occasion are still pretty fresh. One of those who had turned heads during the event was the celebrated comedian Trevor Noah.

The former host of The Daily Show turned up in a Thom Browne suit and lavish cornrows that stood him out from the crowd. Before the vent itself, Noah had popped into Twitter, where he shared pictures of his new look for the evening.

In the caption to the post, Noah had piped “See you tonight.” Part of the hashtags he shared indicated the event he would be attending the designer that made his apparel for the night. You can check out Trevor Noah’s looks below.

The reactions to the pictures were overwhelmingly positive, with tweeps noting that he looked handsome in the suit. His haircut was also a centre of attention as tweeps noted that it blended well with his entire looks.

On a different level, though, the look did not exactly mirror the theme projected for the evening in honour of Chanel designer Lagerfeld. Anyway, Trevor Noah wanted to make a statement his own way, and he did.

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