Trevor Noah Unfunny? Mzansi Comes To Funnyman’s Defence

It has been said that one thing that will always be constant is the multiplicity of opinions about almost every subject under the sun, including people, of course. This reality stares us in the face almost all the time.

There’s one take, though, that caught the attention of many and provoked an interesting debate online, and it involves several comedians, with the focus being mostly on Trevor Noah.

A Twitter handle called End Wokesim had shared a picture of several comedians, including Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report, James Corden, Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live, and Trevor Noah. It would have been just another picture of several comedians in the same space at the same time, except that the handle dropped a bomb in the caption.

The handle claimed there was not a single funny person among the ten persons in the pictures. The claim did not sit well with many South Africans because they had one of their own in the picture: Trevor Noah. So most dismissed the tweeter’s claims, affirming the jocund powers of Trevor Noah, who recently quit as host of The Daily Show.

Trevor Noah Unfunny? Mzansi Comes To Funnyman'S Defence 2

Seems Trevor Noah can always count on Mzansi to stand by him.

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