Trompies Shares Why Mahoota Has Been Missing From Gigs

Trompies has revealed why Mahoota has been missing from the group’s gigs and says they are not on bad terms.

This decade has been plagued by groups losing their members for many reasons. Some leave to pursue other ventures, while others just want to go solo and make their own music.

Popular music group Trompies has also been plagued with this news. The group has been rumoured to be on bad terms with their member Mahoota. Zimoja reported that a source stated that the group and Mahoota parted ways after the group began to face some bad times.

It was also reported that he embarked on his own career, which has prospered. He even formed a duo with Vetkuk, named Vetkuk vs. Mahoota, and they have amassed a good following. Addressing the rumours, singer, and politician Eugene Mthethwa, who is also part of the group, slammed the claims and revealed that they aren’t on bad terms with him.

He shared that due to Mahoota’s successful career, he has been attended other gigs that he was booked for. They have not been performing with him because their dates clash. He also added that it would be unfair to ask him to leave the group or to cancel his gigs.

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