Trouble For Tha Simelane? Shauwn Mkhize Gives Order On Royal AM Chief Ambassador

In a move that many consider to be nothing more than a joke, local businesswoman and socialite Shauwn Mkhize has urged her son Andile Mpisane to fire the chief ambassador dor Royal AM, Tha Simelane.

Her “joke” was actually a contention of another “joke” her associate Tha Simelane, a media personality, had made. In a post. he had shared a picture of him and his Royal AM family, indicating in the caption to the post that it was Sunday Febeuat=febraury 4, and they are still working at Royal AM.

Well, Shauwn Mkhiuze shared the post on her Instagram story, tagging her son and chairman of the club to what Tha said. She also pointed out that he is not coping fine and should be fired. Everything appeared to have been done in good humour. You can check out the post below.

Trouble For Tha Simelane? Shauwn Mkhize Gives Order On Royal Am Chief Ambassador 1

Of course, if Tha was serious about the message, he would never have posted it, as doing so would get the attention of the Royal AM executives and also put him in trouble. Or perhaps, he doesn’t care?

Anyway, has alerted her son to fire their chief ambassador. It remains to be seen whether he will do just that. Tag along for updates.

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