Trump Pardons Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris At Snoop Dogg’s Urging

Trump Pardons Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris At Snoop Dogg’s Urging

Death Row Records co-founder Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris was among those pardoned by President Donald Trump on his last day in office.

Harris had spent 32 years in prison before obtaining pardon in the dying hours of Donald Trump’s presidency. Snoop Dogg was said to have been instrumental to Harris’s release.

Snoop reportedly had talks with the outgoing president Donald Trump during which he had asked the controversial leader to pardon Harris, who had spent over three decades in the slammer for cocaine trafficking and attempted murder.

Harris’s pardon is currently generating excitement in the industry, especially among hs circle. Weldon Angelo, who had been granted presidential pardon a month earlier (December 2020) said the 59-year-old Harris told him he felt like the weight of the world have been taken off his shoulder.

By the way, Jim Jones is among those who have welcomed the presidential accorded Harris. Jim Jones, a rapper, had stated that having served time in jail. Harris is in a position to guide the young people to focus and key away from what had sent him (Harris) to jail in the first place.

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