Tshego Questions Amapiano Artists Messing Up Booking Rates

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SA Hip Hop star, Tshego questions Amapiano artists messing up booking rates in Mzansi.

If you’ve paid any attention, then you must have noticed how much a lot has changed in Mzansi. While the pandemic and various other economic issues led to a drawl in artist gigs, things seem to be slowly coming back up. But, there seems to be a new problem, and Tshego is pointing it out.

The SA rapper recently called on Amapiano artists to not mess up booking rates for everyone else. He revealed that Piano artists are currently the most booked in the country as a result of the genre’s popularity. However, they have also caused a decline in rates.

The “No Ties” star revealed how he was offered R 10k to perform for an hour. He questioned in disbelief how anyone lives on that. In his opinion, that’s what people get for hosting for an hour, not for performing.

1 thing I will ask of amapiano guys. Please don’t fuck up the booking rates. For the love of God,”

“I’m being asked to do an hour for 10K. I could die. In what f**king world, on what drugs. This how y’all living??? Surely you mean 10K to host for an hour? F**king hell,”