Tshego Says He Wanted To Join The Illuminati

SA Hip Hop star Tshego says he wanted to join the Illuminati.

We love it when our favorite artists share some truth. But honestly, we didn’t see this one coming. Several celebrities in Mzansi have been accused of being a part of the Illuminati. However, no one has ever confirmed being a part of them, nor has anyone shared details about joining them.

Well, until now. Rapper, Tshego recently appeared on the ESAM podcast, where he spoke about wanting to join the Illuminati. He revealed that he and his friends were interested, and they went as far as doing their research on them.

Sadly, they discovered it wasn’t how they thought it would be. According to him, it’s a society for the rich, not a get-rich-quick cult. He said, “I’ve been hearing about these things since and I’ve been trying to look for it,” he said. “There is a point where me and my boys we were like n**gas if this sh*t exist let’s do it,”

The far I’ve gotten is just like different societies just a bunch of rich people who come together just like networks, you know networks, private networks but nothing like you do this now you get rich tomorrow,” said Tshego. “I wanted that one you do this now and get rich tomorrow that’s the illuminati I want”

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