Tshego Set New Personal Record With ‘No Ties’ Feat. King Monada

It’s happy times for singer, Tshego after his song, ‘No Ties’ hit 1.8 million views on YouTube, which is a personal milestone for him.

The talented singer is no stranger to the South African music industry with some really great songs released in the past and he and his fans would be excited about this new milestone.

Last year was a huge one for Tshego who left Family Tree for Universal Records, a label where he found success and also released some really good songs as well as his ‘Pink Panther’ project that was well received.

The singer took to Twitter to announce that if the teaser he dropped got one million views, he would drop the new remix that has both King Monada and MFR Souls on it.

The original ‘No Ties’ is off the Pink Panther album it features only King Monada, they both brought their A games to bare on the record, with this new remix set to feature another top name, fans are in for a cool ride.

There have been good responses from determined fans since he made the announcement and we just might get the remix sooner than expected and we just can’t wait for it to be released. It promises to be a good one.


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