Tshego Shows Off His Illuminati Tattoo

SA Hip Hop star Tshego shows off the new Illuminati tattoo he just got.

Tshego seems to be starting the year with a massive shocker. The famous emcee recently got a hit illuminati symbol tattooed on his back, and fans are shocked. He shared a video of the tattoo and captioned it, “Light work.”

Fakaza reports that the star got a tattoo of the “Illuminati symbol The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye) enclosed in a triangle and surrounded by a ray of light or a halo on his back.”

The publication further explained that the “Illuminati refers to a group of people who consider themselves to be unusually enlightened, whether that’s due to a connection with a higher power or through their own intelligence.”

Fans who saw the new tattoo concluded that the rapper has become demonic. According to them, he has joined the group.

In 2022, Tshego revealed in an interview that he would love to join the Illuminati. He stated that he wanted something that would give him money quickly.

Reacting to the tattoo, fans wrote, “And the iLLUMIMATI ON YA BACK IS DISGUSTING,” “What does your daughter say when she sees your tatts bro🤦🏿‍♂️,” “Whaaaat this is not tsego with the illuminate sign, im getting suspicious.”

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