Tshegofatso Pule’s Case Reopened

Shoba granted an application to reopen the murder case following a newly shared CCTV footage that he recently submitted to the court.

The murder case sent chills down our spines. Last month, it was reported that the case had been closed after the prosecution and the defense delivered their closing arguments. However, judgment on the case was reserved.

According to a new report by EWN, the case has been reopened before the judge delivers judgment. Ntuthuko Shoba, the man accused of orchestrating the cold-blooded murder of the 8-month pregnant is said to have been granted an application to reopen the case.

According to recent reports, he submitted a new CCTV footage before a ting judge, Stuart Wilson to make this happen. EWN reports that the video shows Shoba and Pule walking to a vehicle that was driven by Muzikayise Malephane, the man who confessed to killing her in 2020.

The 8-month old pregnant Tshegofatso Pule (who was 28 at the time) was found shot and hanging from a tree. Shoba was apprehended and tried for the case. Malephane had stated that he was the mastermind behind her murder. According to reports, Pule’s family was shaken by the new footage.

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