Tumi Morake Opens Up On Infidelity In Her Marriage Of 21 Years

South African comedian and media personality Tumi Morake has just given some insight into her marriage of 21 years and how she dealt with infidelity in the union at some point. 

Of course, when most people hear about longish marriages, what they have in mind is a perfect union without any troubles or challenges. But as we find out again and again, this is rarely the case. Morake’s is just one of many examples. 

During her appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG, she delved into her union, noting that at some point, they both stepped out of the marriage and were equally unfaithful to each other. 

She said it was a difficult time for them both, as her husband, Osei Tutu, had suffered a massive loss, and she herself had suffered her biggest loss. It was tough, but all that is past now. 

According to her, they are in a good place in their relationship right now — more than they can say for their past. And it feels so good to finally overcome their changes and be in a place of peace together. 

Infidelity is a serious subject and the basis for the ending of most marriages. However, some couples have managed to plod on despite it. 

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