Tupac, August Alsina Dragged Into Will Smith & Chris Rock Trending OSCARS Fiasco

Will Smith, Tupac, August Alsina, and Chris Rock have dominated the trends following the Oscars’ fiasco.

Is it just us or does it always seem to be the Smiths against the world? Well, it isn’t just us. Twitter believes that everything that has happened around the Smiths has always been because of Jada, and how much her husband, Will Smith loves her.

Last night, at the 2022 Academy Awards, Will assaulted comedian, Chris Rock after he made a joke inspired by Jada’s Alopecia condition. At first, he seemed to be okay with it when the joke was made, next, he was up on stage and had “beat the shit out of me” according to Rock.

It will forever be one of the most talked-about moments at the Academy Awards. It definitely cannot get better than that. Well, Twitter has had a great time reacting to the events of last night. Some found it sad that Will still stands up for Jada after she has embarrassed him over and over again.

Some believe that he should have assaulted August Alsina instead, with whom Pinkett had an “entanglement”. Others believe that Tupac, who Jada has confessed over and over again to be in love with would have shot Rock instead of slapping him. Check the tweets out below.

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