TV Legend Claire Mawisa Is Shockingly 45

Mzansi is shocked to hear that TV icon Claire Mawisa is 45 years old. Fans comment that she doesn’t look a day over 30.

Mzansi has celebrated birthdays with some of the country’s biggest celebs. We all recently congratulated the talented singer Nkosazana Daughter as she turned 23 a few days back. We also celebrated Piano DJ Busta 929 when he turned 31 last month. It has been back to back celebrations on the scene.

We are also jealous of celebs who do not look their age. Of course, who wouldn’t be? TV Legend Claire Mawisa had Mzansi screaming when she announced that she had turned a new age and revealed the age.

The star took to her Instagram page and posted a photo of herself without any makeup. She simply captioned the photo with her age, “45” and fans were stunned. We wouldn’t have guessed that she had hit 40 because she doesn’t look it.

Fans flooded the comments with reactions to the post. @ThiboTalk wrote, “The South African TV presenter does not look a day over 30! She is a natural beauty!” Mputled also reacted, “Happiest birthday, my gorgeous @clairemawisa! May God bless you and prosper you! Keep doing what you are doing with excellence! Stay forever beautiful.”

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