Tweeps Debate Why DJ Zinhle Doesn’t Post Murdah Bongz’s Family

There is growing curiosity among some South Africans why DJ Zinhle continues to post the family of her late lover AKA despite being with a new man whom she married recently, Murdah Bongz.

The curiosity was especially resonant following her recent visit to AKA’s family alongside Nadia Nakai, AKA’s lover at the time of his assassination. The two women had spent quality time with the family and pictures of that moment had been shared online, leading to more questions.

Some tweeps wondered out loud why she had been posting AKA’s family but had never posted the family of the man she calls her husband. An interesting thread erupted out of that post, which you can check out below. Some tweeps supported her because AKA’s family is already in the public eye, sharing posts about themselves, whereas Murdah Bpongz has not posted anything about his family and appears keen to keep them away from public scrutiny.

DJ Zinhle has no words for those criticising her, though. It isn’t the first time she had faced severe flaks over her actions in the past, with tweeps claiming at some point that she was responsible for the collapse of the boy band Black Motion, of which her husband was a member

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