Tweeps Divided As Sources Claim Jamie Foxx Was Blinded & Paralysed Due To COVID-19 Vaccine

There are growing speculations over the health status of beloved American actor Jamie Foxx, with fans massively worried after it was claimed that he got partially blind and paralysed after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to multiple sources, a family member of the celebrated actor had leaked the news about his health complication. It claimed that after he took the jab, he partly lost his vision and became paralysed.

Coronavirus vaccines have been sources of great controversy and debate ever since the first one was manufactured. Some people have been making robust claims about their potential to damage the body even before the Foxx case became public knowledge.

Still, since Jamie Foxx’s family has not officially stated that he became partially blind and paralysed after taking the vaccine, it is unclear who to believe at this point.

The public is, however, following the case and wishing that the reports about Jamie Foxx aren’t true after all. The actor has just a remarkable appeal among film lovers and many are determined nothing should happen to him as he is still a valuable member of society.

Wish can indeed come to pass, and we hope it does in this case. Stay tuned if you please.

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