Tweeps Marvel At HHP’s Son & His Resemblance To His Father

It’s been since his death, but Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) left a legacy before his death, including his son, Leano. The years have passed, and Mzansi appeared to have forgotten about the son, who was the centre of a bit of drama after his death.

However, when a Twitter user shared a picture of his son, many South Africans were impressed and surprised, speaking about how physically similar he is to his father. Some even noted that they could easily have mistaken Leano for if he was taller. You can check out the image and the reactions below.

Leano was the centre of a bit of drama following ’s death, with HHP’s family claiming that the late rapper’s wife, Lerato Sengadi, had evicted him from the house.

But she insisted he was not living in the apartment at the time of ’s death and that trying to bring him into the home was nothing more than a plot to deny her rights as his window.

She also rubbished claims that she wasn’t married to the rapper. The case ended in court, which ruled in her favour.

It’s unclear what Leano does at the moment. But it’ll be intriguing if he should delve into music like his father.

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