Tweeps React As Actress Omuhle Gela Undergoes Lip Neutralization

Celebrities going for one cosmetic procedure or the other is nothing novel. We read about that every other day. So the news of South African actress Omuhle Gela going for a cosmetic procedure might not come as a big surprise to many.

Well, the actress herself shared about the procedure she underwent in a post on her Instagram page. According to her, she underwent lip neutralization. But what exactly is this procedure?

Left to us, we would call it the correction of the hyperpigmentation of the lips to make the lips colour even. Spring Muse sees it this way: “a permanent makeup technique designed for those with cool or dark-toned lips [to] correct and neutralize the unevenness in the colour of the lips.”

Almost every time a celebrity undergoes a cosmetic procedure, the responses from most members of the public are almost always negative. This case was no different.

Some netizens mocked her for her lip neutralization. However, some didn’t judge her for her actions, pointing out that the procedure was not invasive after all.

Ultimately, of course, it is up to the actress what she decides to do with her body. People will always talk. It’s not something she has control over.

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