Tweeps React As DJ Sbu Advises People To Have Children At An Early Age

South African entrepreneur and musician DJ Sbu has a few words of advice for those who are delaying giving birth even as time flies, perhaps hoping to have children later while seemingly focused on their careers.

In a clip shared by controversial X user Chris Excel, DJ Sbu, the father of a daughter, advised people to have kids early. He used himself as an example. pointing out that he is in his 40s and already has a grown daughter.

According to him, he wished he had more children. His words of advice left his fans divided, with some of them showing they support his verdict and some pointing out that he is being unrealistic.

According to some of those supporting him, just as he advised, people have better chances of having children when they are younger. Besides, by the time they are, say, 40, they could have children who are already teenagers.

Some of his critics, though, pointed out that raising kids, especially at a young age when one is not even sure of life and not financially stable will only aggravate the problems one faces. You can check out the post below.

At this rate, it is each to his own. But at least DJ Sbu has made his point.

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