Tweeps React As Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Son Saint Gives The Middle Finger To Paparazzi – Watch

We have just found that Kanye West’s son Saint is no saint after all. LOL. The kid recently snagged attention when, after getting out of the car alongside other kids, he snapped the middle finger at the paparazzi.

Saint was in the company of his mother and other kids, who had all gotten out of the car. Kim held the back door for the kids to come down. Saint appeared to be the last to get out of the car. Almost immediately after getting out of the car, he snapped the middle finger at the cameramen who camped around to take pictures.

Kim noticed that almost immediately and gently took his hand down, urging him to stop. The moment was captured and shared online, provoking a conversation on social m media. You can check out the clip below.

For some of those who saw the claim, Saint’s action was enough indication that he is Kanye Westy’s son. They see him as having taken his father’s brashness.

Some tweeps faulted Kim over his actions, however, wondering how he could have learned to give the middle finger at such a young age. Well, what’s happened has happened and there isn’t much most people can so about it.

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