Tweeps React As NOTA Claims He Has Gained Weight Without Berita Feedimg Him

It is no longer news that NOTA and his wife are no longer together. But what is new on NOTA’s side? Well, the highly opinionated music critic and rapper recently gave an update when he shared pictures of himself at the beach.

It would have been just another set of pictures, except that NOTA claimed in the caption that he gained weight and he achieved that without his wife (now ex-wife) feeding him. He concluded by noting that self-lofe looks good on him.

The claim ignited South Africans who looked at the pictures carefully and asked out loud where the weight he added was. As far as many of them are concerned, NOTA remained the same thin bloke they have known all along and his claim of adding weight was balderdash.

We wouldn’t want to join in the arguments, so we would rather share the pictures from the beach below and allow y’all to make your own deductions.

With the picture he just released, it is easy to deduce that he has been released from prison. The songster was recently jailed for 60 days for contempt of court. And o, from the look of things, his conviction has not buried his fighting spirit.

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