Tweeps React To A-Reece Being Quiet About Dropping “The Burning Tree Remix Deluxe”

Tweeps are reacting to A-Reece staying quiet about releasing “The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe” to celebrate April 20.

If you have ever wondered if silence is effective, you should study A-Reece. Whatever he’s doing is working for him. The SA Hip Hop star moves in silence and always gets it right every time.

Last year, he dropped “The Burning Tree” to celebrate marijuana day. This year, he returned with “The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe” to do the same thing. But the thing is, Reece, did not say a word about the new release. He dropped it like a thief in the night.

Well, trust his fans to notice. They took to Twitter to comment on how effective his silence was. The new project houses remixes with Yolophonik and a new joint tagged “Bet On Myself,” which is already gaining praise from fans. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below.

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