Tweeps React To Footage Of Babes Wodumo Attacking Costume Designer

She trends as much for her music and lifestyle as for her controversies. At this point in her life, many people would readily tell you that she and controversies are pretty close – “fam” of sorts.

Whether by design or accident, Babes Wodumo appeared to have fed this assumption about her recently when she was recorded in a fight with a costume designer.

Expectedly, when the news broke of the fight and the video appeared online, it trended, with South Africans asking when she would ditch her life of “needless controversies” and just focus on creating music for her fans.

In a clip shared by the gossip blog Maphepha Ndaba Babes Wodumo could be seen as she and her entourage attacked the designer at her shop.

However, during an interview appearance on Podcast and Chill, the mother of one denied claims of attacking the designer, pointing out that she was merely defending herself in the circumstance.

Also, on claims that she used swear words, she denied them outright, pointing out that she would never do that as she respects the name of her late husband.

The picture of that moment left South Africans divided, with some criticising her actions and some defending her.

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