Tweeps React To Singer Shakira Allegedly Dating Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton

Life must go on. Yah! Ya! Yah! Life must go on. Lol.  Those are not lines from Colombian singer Shakira but they exemplify her current reality following her split from footballer Gerard Piqué. She has reportedly moved on with her life and is currently dating Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira have been photographed a couple of times together, one of which showed him with his hand wrapped around her waist. They appeared like a couple in love although they have not formally announced they are dating.

Interestingly, she is said to be in a love triangle of sorts, with actor and film producer Tom Cruise said to be the other man in the picture. We cannot independently verify this, however.

The only person who has figured the most in the stories about her latest date is Lewis Hamilton. And his alleged relationship with her is what fans have reacted to the most. While some tweets see nothing with her dating Hamilton, some feel it was a big downgrade from Piqué.

Ultimately, of course, people’s opinions of Shakira’s relationship do not count for much. It is her life to live and she alone knows what she wants and goes for it. People will always talk.

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