Tweeps Speculate J. Cole Referenced AKA In His “All My Life” Verse Ft Lil Durk

American rapper J. Cole’s verse on his “All My Life” track with Lil Durk has got many South Africans speculating on who he might be referring to.

As far as MZasni is concerned, the American was speaking about no other person but AKA when he rapped: “I never even heard of lil’ buddy ‘Till somebody murderd lil’ buddy, now I’m on the phone searching lil’ buddy name got’ em playing his tunes all day in my room, Thinkin’ damn “thi sh* is wicked.”

There was no direct mention of AKA in the verse, but South Africans put two and two together and noted he was referring to Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, who was gunned down in the streets on February 10. The songster had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban when an assassin crept up close and shot him at point-blank range.  never again to thrill his compatriots with his music and never again to share the embrace of his family and friends.

Here is what South Africans are saying about J. Cole’s verse.

By the way, investigations are ongoing regarding AKA’s assassination, with the rapper’s fans (the Megacy) already becoming impatient with the slow pace of the investigations

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