Tweet: Avril Lavigne Excited to be Engaged to Mod Sun

A splendid love story is brewing right now. The singer Avril Lavigne is a woman seriously in love — with Mid Sun— and she’s only too happy to share the same. 

In a recent tweet, the “Complicated” singer made it clear that it’s not at all complicated in her relationship with Mod Sun: The two have gotten engaged. 

In one of the pictures she shared, she could be seen standing while Mod Sun took a knee (one leg) and proposed to her. In another, the two looked into each other’s eyes, pretty close together, as though about to engage in an osculatory display. And in yet another, they posed for the camera, heads together. 

Avril Lavigne may have sung “Love it When You Hate Me” earlier this year, but she seriously loves that Mod loves her and that they’re having a life together. 

Like Avril, Mod Sun is also a singer but American. Born in Bloomington, Minnesota, the songster is currently 35 years. 

By the way, Mod Sun is just as excited to be engaged to Avril. In a post on his verified Instagram page, he’d shared slides of himself and Avril and happily professed his love for her. According to him, when he met Avril, he instantly knew that she was the one.

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