Twitter Ablaze As Connie Ferguson Shows Off Physique In Gym Video – Watch

It is no longer news that South African actress and film producer Connie Ferguson is a fitness freak like her late husband. And although Uncle Sho is no longer on the material plane, Connie is still pushing the boundaries of exercise and mental alertness.

Now and then, she would share pictures from her workout routine, leaving South Africans applauding her commitment to staying fit and pushing ahead in life without her husband. Well, she did it again. Yup.

In a video currently circulating online, she could be seen as she skipped with her rope. Her movements were deliberate and rhythmic, and it was hard not to be charmed by them. While some Twitter users focused on her exercise routine, some were more interested in commenting on how fit she looked. You can check out the clip below.

According to some tweeps, her physique is something any lady would love to have. But then, of course, it isn’t everyone who is prepared to do what it takes to have the same figure.

For Connie, perhaps without meaning to, she had inspired many once again with how committed she is to staying fit. That, too, it might be said, was part of her late husband’s legacy.

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