Twitter Is Rife With Unfounded Rumors That “Lil Tjay is Paralyzed”

A story alleging that Lil Tjay is “paralyzed” has spread over Twitter days after it was reported that he was shot in New Jersey. However, there is no proof to support the theory. Similar to the previous situation, a number of fans were horrified to learn via false allegations that the rapper was “brain dead.”

Here is what we know about his condition, despite the fact that he is being the subject of numerous such rumors while he recovers. Due to several claims that are presenting unconfirmed data, fans are uncertain about the rapper’s health.

The topic about Lil Tjay reportedly being crippled appears to have been sparked by a message sent by a Twitter account that also made numerous other untrue allegations about the musician.

The tweet made on June 25 went thus: “JUST IN: The Doctor Raheem Smith said Lil Tjay will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He got 5 of 7 shots in the chest area and 2 in the spine. He is not able to move his upper body. He also has only a 15% Chance to survive the attack. Pray for Lil Tjay.”

In contrast, however, Lil Tjay’s health was recently updated by TMZ, which reported that a source said he had recovered from surgery and “appears to be doing better but he’s still not out of the woods yet.”

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