Twitter Scoffs As A-Reece’s Old Tweet About Working With J. Cole Resurfaces Online

It has been said the Internet never forgets. This much may have just been confirmed after a fan unearthed a tweet in which A-Reece had claimed that he had a   feature.

In the tweet, which dates back to 2014, A-Reece had claimed that   had sent him his verse for what should have been “Browniez EP.”

J. Cole, as you probably already know, is one of the biggest voices in America pop. Also, again as you probably already know, A-Reece never released a song featuring J. Cole.

So what really happened? Did A-Reece tweet back then just for clout? Or perhaps he actually recorded a song with the songster but it was never released?

Well, most fans were unconvinced he actually recorded a song with J. Cole. To prove this, one particular fan had tagged the American and his records, asking when they would be sending the verse recorded for A-Reece.

Last we checked-A-Reece has not responded to fans throwing jabs at him for having “misled” fans back then.

By the way, A-Reece was one of the names fans throw at Meek Mill when he asked which South African musician he should collaborate with for his imminent “Expensive Pain” album.

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