Twitter User Blasts Zlatan, calls him “Agbero illiterate”

Twitter User calls Zlatan “an illiterate agbero” in recent blast.

While everyone reacted to the recent BBCSex For Grades” segment which was released yesterday, a Twitter user came for Zlatan Ibile on social media. He wrote,

I wouldn’t be surprised if Zlatan Ibile composes another of his stupid songs about this #sexforgrades thing, All the “Kiss me for a minute” “Off the light “ and other Pick up lines by the lecturer ,I wouldn’t be surprised if he releases a freestyle to it . That’s how Dumb he is.”

Zlatan upset by the tweet, replied him writing; “Your father is Dumb.”

The user further dragged the singer in another reply,

“As if i knew, Agbero illiterate will always be one.. Let’s see how far your emptiness will take you in the industry.. It is a game of the survival of the fittest, na person wey get talent and emptiness go last, not emptiness upon emptiness all the time.”

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