Twitter Users Argue Who’d Win A Verzuz Between Kabza and De Mthuda

Mzansi users argue who would win a Verzuz between hit makers, Kabza De Small and .

You may have noticed Mzansi hit makers, Kabza De Small and in the trends list recently. The two have been amazing contributors to the growth of the Piano subgenre, and deserve all the praise that they get.

However, Mzansi is wondering who’d emerge victorious if the two had a Verzuz. It all began when a user by name @TheBoyTapes tweeted “Who can Kabza De Small handle a Verzuz with?“. Of course, there was an initial contemplation until De Mthuda came to mind.

Although, it was later concluded that the “John Wick” hit maker would probably not win, everyone thought he would be at least be good competition. Mthuda has been credited for some of the most recent hits in the airwaves including “Shesha”, “Liyoshona”, “Emlanjeni”, “John Wick” and more.

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