Twitter Users Drag Chad Da Don For Calling Cassper A “B*tch Mofo”

Twitter users roast Chad Da Don for dissing Cassper

users come for for dissing and calling him a “B*tch Mofo”.

Hahaha, is ablaze with the carcass of Mzansi rapper, . Sometimes when you’re as big as , you wont need to fight your own battles, the fans do it for you.

The rapper has been caught in something that has looked like a feud with Chad for years now although none of them have ever acknowledged it. Years back, after Chad left Family Tree, the two alleged that there was no bad blood between them, with Mufasa stating clearly that he’d never work with him again.

Fast forward to this year, seems the wound was still too sore to overlook, Chad has been dragging Cassper every chance he gets, calling his rap lines ‘weak’. He recently tweeted,

“If someone is a Bitch ass mofo he gon stay a Bitch ass Mofo. Not everyone Great is Famous and not everyone Famous is Great,”

A tweet which fans of Mufasa believe was aimed at him. Since then, black Twitter has dragged the heck out of the rapper. See a few tweets below.

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