Two Arrested in Connection with Alleged Murder Plot against Salman Khan

Tensions Escalate: Bollywood Star Salman Khan's Life Threatened in Mumbai Shooting Incident

A shocking event has captured national attention as two individuals were arrested for a gun attack at the Mumbai home of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The suspects, Vicky Gupta, 24, and Sagar Pal, 21, are believed to be part of the infamous Bishnoi gang. This gang has held a longstanding grudge against Khan due to an incident more than twenty years ago when the actor was accused of killing two blackbucks, an act that outraged the Bishnoi community, who hold the animal in high regard.

The incident unfolded early Sunday morning when the attackers, riding a motorcycle, fired several shots at Khan’s residence in Bandra. The police acted swiftly, apprehending the duo in Gujarat’s Kutch district by Monday night. During questioning, both suspects admitted to their roles in the shooting, indicating an intent to kill Khan. The actor, celebrated for his roles in over 100 films, was at home during the attack but was unharmed.

This attack is the most recent in a series of threats against Khan by the Bishnoi gang, led by Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently imprisoned. The gang’s animosity towards Khan dates back to 1998, following the blackbuck shooting incident on the set of “Hum Saath-Saath Hain”. Although Khan was sentenced to five years in jail in 2018 for the poaching case, his sentence was later suspended on appeal, further inciting the gang’s ire.

The Mumbai police have stressed the severity of this threat, noting the gang’s criminal record, which includes several high-profile murders, such as the 2022 killing of Indian rapper Sidhu Moose Wala. Authorities are now conducting an extensive investigation to identify all conspirators and to fully uncover this plot against Khan.

As the investigation continues, the Bollywood community and Khan’s fans remain vigilant, hoping for justice and safety for the acclaimed actor. The incident has highlighted ongoing issues concerning celebrity security and wildlife conservation in India, leading to extensive media coverage and public debate on these pressing matters. The case is ongoing, with more details expected to be revealed at the next court hearing scheduled for April 25.

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