Two Domestic Staff Retained By The Police As Davido’s Son Ifeanyi Drowns At Home

It was a sad end of the month (October) for the family of David Adedeji Adeleke, the Nigerian singer long famous as Davido, as his oldest son Ifeanyi drowned in a swimming pool at his Banana Island residence.

The news of the death reverberated across Nigeria, with ordinary folks, politicians, and celebrities sending their condolences to the singer and mother of the child, Chioma Rowland.

Following the tragic incident, the domestic staff at the apartment were all taken into custody. Along the line, six of them were released, leaving behind just two: the nanny and the cook.

The police are retaining the two of them in detention because, according to them, they were directly responsible for the late child and must have been negligent for the child to have left the apartment and eventually drowned without anyone knowing.

Another reason given for still holding them in custody was that the police were looking to get an autopsy report to determine what exactly killed the child. The report will determine their next action.

Amid all the drama surrounding the tragic incident, a prophet had asked Davido to bring the Ifeanyi to “Solution Ground” within 21 hours of his death, and God might revive him.

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