Two More Ladies Detail Flirty Conversations With Adam Levine

It is not yet uhuru for singer Adam Levine. After he was exposed for cheating on his pregnant wife by Instagram model Sumner Stroh, the musician faces even greater disgrace as more women share flirty conversations he’d had with them. 

When Stroh went public with her story, claiming she had to speak out because some friends with whom she had shared their conversation screenshots wanted to sell the information to the tabloids. So she elected to spill this out. 

Levine had faced mockery and condemnation online following her revelation. And many even felt sorry for his wife, who was pregnant with their third child at the time. 

Maryka and Alyson Rose are the latest two to come out with their relationship with the singer. In one of the alleged chars, speaking to Maryka, the Maroon 5 singer had Sis she should distract herself by ducking him. You can check out the chats below. 

The coming out of Maryka and Alyson Rose provoked mixed reactions from some Twitter users. Some tweeps call these women nothing more than TikTok sluts seeking their daily ration of attention.

For Adam Levine’s wife, it’s a pity party of sorts, as some social media users sympathised with her for the embarrassment.

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