Tyla and Her Sis, Sydney’s old YouTube Video Has Gone Viral

Mzansi singer Tyla and her sister Sydney’s old YouTube video has gone viral.

The amount of success that Tyla is currently enjoying right now is out of this world. The singer has dominated the world with his song “Water,” and there is no stopping her now. She is gone, and we all know it.

Tyla debuted in 2019 with the Piano jam “Getting Late” featuring Kooldrink. The song was a success, launching her into the scene. She has since dropped more jams and even opened for American RnB star Chris Brown on the UK leg of his tour. Tyla’s stage presence was praised by concertgoers.

She hit it big when her song “Water” went viral on TikTok. The song also hit the Top 5 in the UK, Top 10 in the US Billboard Hot 100, number one in New Zealand, and so on. She has also performed it on The Jimmy Fallon Show, Bianca, and even taught Jennifer Hudson to do the Water Dance Challenge on her show.

An old YouTube video of Tyla and her sister Sydney doing a Mukbang has gone viral. A TikTok user posted the video on her platform, stating that she watched it before Tyla got famous. Fans also noted similarities between the sisters.

Watch the video here.

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