Tyla Covers Forbes Africa, List In 30 Under 30

“Water” star and Grammy Award winner Tyla covers the latest issue of Forbes Africa magazine as she is listed in the new 30 Under 30.

Tyla is killing it. She has been on a rise since last year and the fans cannot deny it. Since her song “Water” went viral on social media and blew up in several countries of the world, the sky has been the limit for her.

Tyla has won a Grammy Award and released one of the most lauded albums this year. After canceling her tour, Tyla has continued to promote her album with TV performances and of course, interviews with some of the biggest magazines.

She covers the new issue of Forbes Africa after making it into the 30 Under 30 list. The star is quoted saying,

“There is no dream that is too big for me. This is just the beginning. [There will be] more Grammys to come, more hit songs, more amazing things for Africa… there is no limit.”

“Blood & Water” star Ama Qamata also makes it to the list, alongside several other South African stars, Nigerian stars and more. Tyla’s fans have praised her for always setting the bar.

chrisvegamusic’s wrote, “Nobody who’s been following your career for the last four years is surprised by this. You are one of the most important talents to come out of South Africa in years. I can’t wait to see your next endeavour.”

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