Tyla Talks The Success Of “Water” And SO Much More On The Dotty Show

The singer Tyla is one of the South African ladies of the moment thanks in part to her soaring musical profile and the winning tunes she has released so far.

Since she popped into the music scene, she has released several songs, including “Water,” and they are doing pretty well – so well, in fact, that they formed part of the conversation she had on The Dotty Show recently.

there, she talked about the success of “Water,” her seemingly going global, and so much more. In particular, about her “Water” tune and its resounding success, she noted that she reveals in seeing the video, especially with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Christina Aguiler and others using it.

It’s all shares of fulfilling and the whole experience feels so surreal. Also, according to her, her success has altered her life radically and she can no longer do the things she used to do. Previously, according to her, she didn’t give much attention to her appearance.

But now, with her global success, she admits she has to be on point all the time, as people are watching and even taking pictures without her knowing about that. Talk about the many sides of success.

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