Tyler ICU Clarifies Ownership Of Hit Amapiano Song “Mnike”

South African disc jockey and producer Tyler ICU has just cleared the confusion over the ownership of the hit song “Mnike.” This number blew up soon after its release and then came drama over who really owned it.

“Mnike” is an amapiano song that many people would have said popped out of nowhere and became an anthem on TikTok, quickly spreading to other social media platforms and making more famous the man behind it.

But who really owns the song? A couple of theories have been flying about, some of which Tyler ICU found disrespectful and described as an attempt to dim his shine.

Anyway, he popped into a space with the blogger Musa Khawula recently and revealed details about the ownership of the song.

According to the producer, the song belongs to DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha, Ceekara, Tyronedee and himself. This admission should, hopefully, rest the case and make people just go back to enjoying the tune and not engaging in unnecessary arguments about it.

By the way, Tyler ICU has been in the industry for a while and released several memorable numbers as well as collaborated with several top names in the amapiano industry in South Africa. His part ownership of “Mnike” shouldn’t be surprising then.

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