Tyler ICU Opens Up About Not Doing Hip Hop

Amapiano DJ and producer Tyler ICU has opened up about not doing Hip Hop.

It is no new thing that the Piano scene has recruited some of the most talented DJs and artists in the country. They have contributed to the growth of the Amapiano movement in the country and all over the world.

Tyler ICU’s impact on the scene has been significant to its growth. The talented DJ has dominated the airwaves with hits, and his talent is undeniable. Fans of the hitmaker have noted how much his sound would suit the Hip Hop scene. He finally opened up about it.

He revealed he had been asked by many people why he isn’t in the rap business. He said he switched the Yanos because the politics are different. He said, “Everyone is asking me about why am I not doing hip hop My thing is people in the community of hip hop producers are treated like shit.”

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