Tyrese Gibson Admits He & Paul Walker Slept Cindy Leon, Eva Mendes’s Stunt Double

It has been said that, left to time, some of the hidden things will eventually find themselves in the open, and we have seen this manifest again and again, the most recent being the revelation that actors Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker both slept with Cindy Leon, who had played Eva Mendes’s stunt double in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Tyrese gave insight into their romp during a recent tell-all interview on the set of The Morning Hustle. At the time of the romp, though, neither he nor Paul Walker, who died years ago, were aware each was “sampling” Leon on the sides. At the time, Tyrese also recalled that they were both complementing Cindy about her beauty at the same time, unaware of what the other was doing to Cindy away from set.

Tyrese Gibson Admits He &Amp; Paul Walker Slept Cindy Leon, Eva Mendes'S Stunt Double 2

And then, when they eventually told each other they were both sleeping with her, they were like, yeah, well.

Cindy herself wasn’t left out of the revelations, as she shared some details about the two men she had bedded in the past, noting that Tyere had the bigger pedunda and was sexy and freaky in the bedroom. In contrast, she indicated Paul Walker had smaller manhood (compared to Tyerese’s), but that wasn’t a complaint on her part.

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