UFC Champ Dricus Dismisses Ramaphosa’s Government As “Worst In The World”

Dricus may have beaten his opponent and become the latest UFC champ. with all of South Africa agog in celebration, but the athlete is unimpressed with the government back home. And he has made this known.

In a clip currently making the rounds online, the UFC champ could be seen contemptuously dismissing the South African government of Cyril Ramaphosa as the worst in the world.

His take resonated with many South Africans, who shared the same view of the current government which has been plagued by inefficiency and corruption for as long as they can remember.

Some South Africans even pointed out that Dricus’ take on Ramaphosa is the reason the president has yet to congratulate him publicly. As a rule, the president usually publicly congratulates South Africans who are doing well and have brought glory to the country via their achievements. See the post below.

It is 2024, the election year in South Africa. Expectations are high for the South African people, who are hungry for a leadership that not only cares about the people but is prepared to show that via its actions, including overcoming the monster of load shedding.

Well, it remains to be seen if President Ramaphosa will eventually congratulate Dricus.

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