Uhuru Calls Out Police For Raiding His Son’s Home

Former Kenyan president Uhuru has called out the police for raiding his son’s home, “‘If it’s me you want, come for me’.

According to several media reports, the police raided raided the home of former President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s son Jomo in Karen in an effort to uncover hidden weapons. Reacting to the raid, Uhuru criticized the government for attacking his family and their withdrawal of security for former First Lady Ngina Kenyatta.

He said, “I have a situation where my son’s home is being raided. If it’s me you want, come for me. Why intimidate a 90-year-old woman or children? On my association with Raila, am I not supposed to talk to my friends?” Uhuru said.

“The safety of my family has been threatened, and that’s why I’m here. I have been quiet, but being quiet does not mean I will not defend my family. I will defend my family to the end. I defended Kenya, and I did my best for this country and handed over when my time was finished.”

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