Ukraine: Watch Imagine Dragons Record Announcement For Plane Passengers

American rock band Imagine Dragons have been co-opted as part of the initiative to raise awareness about the catastrophe in Ukraine as well as raise funds for the East European country which has been at war with Russia for a while now.

Back in November last year, SkyUp Airlines had launched its first plane branded with a UNITED24 logo. It had the simple goal of keeping Ukraine in the consciousness of the world while also raising funds for medical aid in the country.

Since its launch, it has made over 40 flights across 10 countries and transported thousands of people, bringing the message of brotherhood and amity with it.

This year had a tick of surprise as passengers got to see the popular band Imagine Dragons address them after the flight attendants had demonstrated emergency and safety tips. The collected had become ambassadors for UNITED24 as early as July last year.

Ukraine is facing a humanitarian crisis of sorts following the Russian invasion of the country. Putin’s tanks had rolled into the country over fears of Ukraine joining NATO, provoking fierce resistance from the Ukrainian people.

Sadly, the war continues and there is no evidence it will end anytime soon.

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