uLazi Releases The Official Music Video To The TikTok Hit Song ‘Yey’

Following the release of ‘Nobody Can Stop Mguzu, Vol.1’ the single titled ‘yey’ started to move on the popular social media platform, TikTok.

The growth ‘Yey’ with Infinity MusiQ saw such celebrities as Robotboii taking to their socials to share their dance moves to the song including fans across the country.

In true TikTok power, this has amplified the listenership of the song which includes the support from publications such as ‘The Yanos’.

He returns with the official music video for ‘Yey’ which features appearances from ‘Zuma’ and ‘Robotboii’ as well as amazing choreography from the dancers including himself in one of the scenes.

You will enjoy this music video as it simply widens how the song is received by the fans as well as an opportunity to master the dance moves to the song.

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