Umlilo Quoted During Church Sermon, DJ Zinhle Reacts

DJ Zinhle shares reaction to Umlilo lyrics being used in a church sermon

shares happy reactions to her song, Umlilo’s lyrics being quoted in a church sermon.

female disc jockey, must have delivered one of the biggest hits of 2019 in the form of her song “Umlilo” but she’s more excited for the impact its message has had. The song features two power houses, and who play key parts in the success of the song.

The beautiful message contained in the song is undeniable and it was noticed by all who heard it. Except those who could not translate the language.

Recently, social media users began circulating a video from a church sermon which shows parts of the song’s lyrics being used. Lines where sang about using one’s ears to listen attentively, eyes to be fully aware, and also being mindful of the words we utter were referenced.

Reacting to the video, she revealed that it made her so happy.

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