“Umlilo” singer Rethabile Khumalo is recovering from a car accident

Rethabile Khumalo is recovering from a car accident

“Umlilo” singer, is recovering from a car accident.

No mother wants to see their child go through pain. Mzansi singer, previously took to social media to announce to fans that her daughter, was involved in a car accident. She also urged them to put her in prayers.

In a statement to TshisaLIVE, the “Umlilo” vocalist concurred with her mother’s revelation and told fans not to worry because she didn’t suffer any major injuries. According to her, she suffered bruises on her face which might leave a scar but also revealed she was out of the hospital and was recovering fine.

I will be fine. I don’t want to go into details of the accident as it traumatised me. I luckily wasn’t badly injured. I suffered some bruises on my face that might leave scarring but I will be fine. Please let my fans know that I will be fine. I am out of  hospital.

She however refused to go into detail about the accident saying it left her traumatised. Her mother also revealed she would be well enough for her scheduled performance on Monday night. Appearing for the performance, she looked pretty swollen and had bandages on her right eye but it didn’t reduce the quality of her delivery.

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Dear fans of .. was involved in a car accident and is not well but she will be okay in time thank you….so much please put her in your prayers

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