“Umngcwabo” Diss Track: Big Zulu Thinks Duncan Deserves A Slap

In the spirit of Mzansi hip hop revival, rapper Duncan had released a track against compatriot Big Zulu, but it appears the latter is unimpressed with the former.

The result? He’s threatened to slap Duncan for the did track. Duncan had released the track “Umngcwabo,” which some South Africans thought was savage. In the said song, Duncan had savaged Big Zulu in many areas, including his appearance and weight.

In reply, Big Zulu had popped into Twitter, where he wrote in Zulu. Translated from the language, his words meant that a slap was what his compatriot needed. Maybe with that, he should know how to make a good game.

Duncan’s “Umngcwabo” track was apparently in response to Big Zulu’s “150 Bars” track, where he dissed several notable names in South African music. The song had ignited the hip-hop space because other artists released responses to it.

For instance, K.O released “Omega Freestyle,” and Kwesta released Quatham (First Load). South Africans highly rated both diss tracks, and even Big Zulu didn’t mind – maybe because they were as insulting as what Duncan had composed.

By the way, Big Zulu had also released a carton in which he indicated Duncan is a cock (nonentity) while Kwesta and K.O are GOATS (great artists).

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